The Convenience of a Peugeot Partner Racking

Utility vehicles need to be custom fitted to get them to the point of being truly useful. The Peugeot Partner is a panel van that has adequate space for transportation, but needs to be retrofitted with Peugeot Partner racking in order to have the van get its full potential of load capacity.

Shelving solutions have the unique property of being modular, enabling the extension and adjustment of shelves. This is preferable to changing the whole Peugeot Partner racking​​​​​ system. This ability makes the Peugeot Partner racking a smart and affordable solution, as it enables the shelves to adjust to the needs of the business. There are a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to the actual choice of racks, therefore any business is able to get a shelving solution that fits its needs. These are the series of types available.

The Peugeot Partner Racking Types Available

The Peugeot Partner shelving series comes in three main types: Basic, Standard, and Pro versions.

The Basic version gives you a normal shelving solution that is available for both the driver's and passenger's sides. These are open shelves that offer storage space on different levels. 

The Standard type has the feature of basic shelving while having added features like drawers and closed compartments for more secure storage. 

The Pro version is a more robust shelving system, giving a wide array of compartments like drawers and box holders. This version is best for specialized users who desire to have equipment organized and similar needs met.

The advantage of the Peugeot Partner racking is being able to self fit the shelves. They utilize the fitting points created in the vehicle during manufacture, saving on professional fitting, as well as preserving the authentic vehicle body.​​